Welcome to Clear Path Sober Living & Recovery

We understand that sober living can be a brand new experience for you or a loved one. If you are looking for a transitional house, 3/4 house, or recovery residence, you have found the best of the best! We are here to relieve the uncertainty and fear of taking that next step in sobriety.

Clear Path Sober Living & Recovery's mission is to provide a safe and comfortable living experience with a culture that drives growth in recovery.

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Rent Payment Form

Rent Payment Form

There are no hidden administrative or additional move-in fees at Clear Path Sober Living & Recovery! All security deposits are refunded on the first month's rent. Click here to make a secure online payment with your credit card. Have questions? Call 1-734-645-7088 or fill out this form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Why Choose Banyan?

Why Choose Clear Path?

Clear Path Sober Living & Recovery offers the best transitional housing in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti area. Call 1-734-645-7088 today to schedule a tour and see for yourself!

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Transportation Services


All Clear Path Sober Living & Recovery properties provide ample parking for residents with vehicles, and are also within walking distance of a variety of restaurants, retail stores, bus stops and job opportunities.

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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Getting back on your feet is important, and we do our best to help every step of the way. Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti are full of local businesses that are seeking both part-time and full-time workers.

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What Our Residents Say...

  • Clear Path is by far one of the best sober living places i have been to, i love it here, there is friendships made, roommates do stuff together like go out to eat hit meetings and see movies, i cant think of a reason on why you should not make a choice to live here, everyone is extremely helpful, i am in particularly very happy i am here

    Evan S. Clear Path Resident Since May 2015
  • Clear Path has been excellent for my recovery thus far. I actually plan to stay here for at least a year; the resources available for those who are actively working a program at Clear Path are endless. The management has been excellent and they're consistently on top of their duties. We have just started a Clear Path 12 step meeting as well, so whether you wish to go out to one of the great AA/NA meetings close to Clear Path or participate in one here, you've got the best of both worlds. The commodities are nice, and the atmosphere is outstanding. With so many ambitious individuals in one place, all of whom are serious about recovery, there's always someone to talk to, always someone who can give you honest advice and/or opinions, and you can't help but to become close to the many guys who are here.

    Nearby to Clear Path are many businesses that are conveniently located; work has been easy for most residents to find. Eastern Michigan University, as well as Washtenaw Community College are also very close, which may likely be important to the (future) resident that wishes to pick up some classes. or pursue a major.

    Gavin W. Clear Path Resident Since June 2015
  • Having lived at Clear Path for a little more then a month now I haven't had any complaints.

    Now, I could write a typical, cliche review of this place blabbering about how wonderful, clean, and that we have televisions and wireless internet (all these things are true, and obviously a plus) but to me what I feel is the most important for anyone wondering if they should come here or not is to know that this is an excellent place to continue with your recovery. Between the management and others that have lived here, I've been introduced to great meetings around the area and have already begun to integrate myself into the welcoming recovery community. Clear Path does a great job of having a high level of accountability while also giving the right amount of freedom for you to take steps towards moving forward. Public transportation around Clear Path is also a benefit, it makes it convenient to get to and from meetings/work if you're currently without a car. If a person is serious about their recovery and is looking for transitional housing, then Clear Path is a good place for them to be.

    Oh yeah, you can't beat the rent.

    Brian S. Clear Path Resident Since May 2015
  • I moved into Clear Path on the 15th of july 2015. I have really loved my experience thus far. The guys are great and are more than willing to help out with whatever you may need. I get real comfort in knowing that I have people living with me that understand what I am going through. After treatment at Brighton hospital, I went back home which was not right for me so I started to look for other options and decided that i needed to make a huge change in my life if I wanted to make staying sober easier because being at home was hard right after treatment. The living situation here is awesome as well. Everything is kept up very well and is very comfortable. Chris and Mike do an awesome job checking in with the guys and making sure nobody needs anything. They also do a great job keeping people that really don't want to be here and don't want to stay sober out which I think is a huge plus.I have really enjoyed the time that I have been here thus far and am looking forward to the rest of my time here sober and finally living life without drugs and alcohol.

    John M. Clear Path Resident Since July 2015
  • As a newcomer to sobriety and to the recovery community I was at first apprehensive at the thought of living with a group of guys I've never met, in a place I've never seen in person.

    Well I can honestly say that I am proud to be a resident here at Clear Path. My preconceived ideas of transitional living were immediately extinguished the moment I walked through the door. What a great place to live!

    After leaving treatment I knew that returning to my old environment was a recipe for disaster, so after hearing a few recommendations from people in the recovery community I made the call.

    Chris and Mike made the process very simple. You can tell immediately that these gentlemen have a true passion for helping those who have the desire to stay sober.

    To anyone considering Clear Path as a place to live, I would highly recommend picking up the phone as soon as you can. It has been a key part of my integration becoming a proud and productive member of society. 

    Paul S. Clear Path Resident Since July 2015
  • I have lived in several sober living apartments and I have found Clear Path Sober Living & Recovery to be the most helpful. They give you just enough space for you to make the right decisions while at the same time you are held accountable for your actions. The apartment I am currently residing in is very clean and has a good "homey" vibe. I feel at home here, I never feel like anyone is getting away with drugs or alcohol. I feel like it is a very safe environment where I can focus on and maintain sobriety. I would not choose any other sober living after living in Clear Path.

    David D. Clear Path Resident Since August 2015
  • There can't be enough said about Clear Path. From management to the spectacular location, this is the place if your looking for transitional housing. I've been here for just shy of a month and have found work, a homegroup, and friendships that are certain to last. I find my accommodations to be more than adequate and very reasonably priced. Sobriety being my number one priority, I can say without doubt, that I have found an exceptional home to begin this new chapter of life.

    Jordan M. Clear Path Resident Since July 2015
  • Clear Path provides what individuals looking for a transitional living experience are after, fertile soil in which they are able to grow in a safe and comfortable manner.  I've been blessed with the opportunity to use my experience at Clear Path as a stepping stone to enter back into life with a different view on how I'd like my path through life to stretch into my future.  The time spent here has introduced valuable progress to my recovery, I hope to always represent a Clear Path man in the positive manner I've been taught.

    Nathan B. Clear Path Resident Since May 2015
  • As an older member I was a bit hesitant.  However from the first group of guys that introduced themselves, I was put at ease.  They expressed to to me the importance of a sober living environment and were super helpful in providing me with meeting information.  They also offered rides to the meetings and outlined simple steps for me to be of service to the effort.  I feel extremely safe in these surroundings, which Clear Path has provided.  I look forward to doing more service work and providing help to newcomers in paying forward my positive experience. Thank you.

    Ron C. Clear Path Resident Since August 2015
  • I have lived at Clear Path Sober Living & Recovery for a month now. I have had an increasingly excellent experience between the other people who live here and the management. Everyone is very serious about staying sober and that in turn keeps me serious. The rent is reasonable for the services and living space. Very clean and organized. All around a wonderful place to stay sober and get your life back on track.

    Andrew D. Clear Path Resident Since March 2015